Sunday, January 12, 2014

Were they mistaken! Department of Transportation setting up cement barriers on Oahu's North Shore

On December 23, eTN reported about the Hawaii Department of Transportation setting up cement barriers on Oahu's North Shore. Click here 

The idea was to prevent easy access and traffic congestion for tourists and locals to access famous Laniakea Beach to see the turtle and monk seals.

Authorities thought making parking on the Mauka side of Kamehameha Highway impossible would make the traffic flow more stable and discourage people from visiting the beach while also making it safer.

Were they mistaken!

The series of photos below sees visitors are now parking past the barrier and crossing the street everywhere. You see mothers with kids, surfers, tourists, and locals maneuvering in between traffic to get to the beach side of the road and continuing to walk in the far distance in between passing cars with their bags and surfboards as they make their way to Laniakea Beach.

Tour buses and cars are now stopping in front of the no-parking zones, making it impossible for pedestrians to look for traffic, so they can safely cross the road. It's a mess and a place for a major accident to happen just waiting to happen.

After 2 years and spending money to research this temporary fix, this “solution” is an instant disaster creating unstable traffic on Oahu's North Shore.

Why not leave the barriers but establish and entrance and exit out of the now-closed mauka side parking area? This would organize exiting and entering the lot while making it impossible for cars to back up into a traffic jam.

In addition, why not put up a traffic light? This would allow exiting cars and pedestrians to traverse and cross the street safely. It would also make it clear who has the right of way.

Just a suggestion.
Take a look at the photos and you're the judge!

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