Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mother Meera silent blessings in Honolulu!

We wish to extend an invitation to attend Mother Meera's FIRST Darshan ever in Hawai'i, exclusively on O'ahu, January 24 and 25, 2014. You are now able to register for 2 Darshans, one each day that she is here. It is such an incredible opportunity to participate in such a high frequency of love, light and grace and to enhance our own spiritual progress. Some of us have traveled half way across the world to experience her in Germany, and now we in Hawai'i are being gifted with her presence for the very first time! 

Mother Meera is very down to earth, humble, and does not seek a following. She gives her gift freely without charge. She is a living Master who came to assist humanity in our spiritual evolution, and to help us in every way she can- with physical, emotional and psychological healing, as well as spiritual growth.

Mother Meera will help anyone, regardless of religious or spiritual affiliation.  Even young children are welcome to attend, as well as seniors, and anyone  who wants to come.   Please encourage your friends and family by passing on this information.

Many in Hawaii may be unfamiliar with Mother Meera, and so we would like to introduce her to you.

"Mother Meera is an embodiment of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother on earth (my words: one of them, as there are others).  Mother was born in 1960, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, southern India. Today, she lives in a tiny hamlet in the German countryside.  Here, and during her travels around the globe, she gives her unique blessing of Darshan. The free transmission of Light, Love and Grace is Mother's gift to the world.
Mother came to prepare and cleanse world consciousness and make it ready for transformation to a higher level of evolution.  To ensure this development She calls down the Light of the Supreme consciousness.  In her work of Darshan she prepares humanity to become open to the Light, so that the Divine Life and Will can become manifested on earth.

"Mother Meera has no interest in conversion or in changing anyone's faith or creed. This is simply irrelevant for her.  Neither is Mother a Guru who takes disciples; She is simply a Divine Mother for everyone who turns to Her.  Everyone can pray to whichever form of the Divine, or Avatar, that inspires their faith.  Prayers should come from one's soul and heart and all sincere prayers to the Divine reach to Her as well - this is her affirmation to us.  The soul's sincere cry is heard and answered; all pure inner openings to God are also openings to Her and Her Light.

"Mother's work is for the whole world, for all faiths and all people, regardless of social status or ethnic origin.   She is the Mother of us all, and we may all live in peace in the light of her all-encompassing love."

What is Darshan?

"The Darshan event with Mother Meera follows a precise structure, original to her work and exactly suited to allow the transmission of the Light she brings down upon the earth. For a little moment, while she touches our temples, she is working on something that might be described as the 'wiring' of the soul. In her book, Answers, she describes an inner system of subtle energy in the human body that reaches from head to toe. By the process of incarnation and the entanglement of body and mind with worldly influences these subtle channels of energy can become knotted or blocked. During Pranam ('bowing down') Mother very delicately works on these knots, gently freeing-up the blocks preventing spiritual development. This process has to do with the soul and its unfolding and Mother Meera says that only Divine personalities can do such work.

"When Mother releases our heads we sit back and she looks into our eyes. This is Darshan ('seeing', here 'seeing the Divine'). During Darshan, Mother is working on our 'personalities', the everyday body/mind. She searches for areas in our being where her Light is specially needed, giving us energy, purification and inner healing- whatever is required for the mental, emotional and physical aspects of our being to live in harmony."
~Excerpts from www.mothermeera. com

"I am looking at everything within you to see where I can help, where I can give healing and power. At the same time, I am giving Light to every part of your being, I am opening every part of yourself to Light."    ~ Mother Meera

"The whole purpose of my work is in the calling down of the Paramatman Light and in helping people. For this I came - to open your hearts to the Light." ~ Mother Meera


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