Monday, March 3, 2014

Open statement and thank you from Naturopathic Doctors Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff

I would like to extend a gigantic "MAHALO" to all who supported us physically, emotionally, mentally or psychically with testimony &/or presence down at the legislature last week.  Naturopathic Doctors and our patients more than filled the hearing room - in fact, there was standing room only. The bill, which was written to stifle the privileges of N.D.'s, received vehement opposition by our supporters, patients and friends - even the Senators, after learning more about us, what we stand for, and the integrity which we maintain around treating our patients opposed the bill.  So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU  for your prayers and support.

On another note, the wind has been picking up, and metaphorically - wind brings with it ... CHANGE.  Wind, in Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, brings roaming pains.  When I think of change, I remember the book I read in my early years as a naturopathic doctor - "Change We Must", by an old local Hawaiian Kahuna.  We are in a continuous state of change, and each thought we think, each word we say, and each action we take, serves to create the imminent change to follow.  Consciousness around our choices is critical to ensure that we are changing in a positive way.  Thriving, not dying - so to speak.

Regarding the aches and pains that roam our body - and I have my share at times - we will do ourselves the most good by embracing the fact that we are living lifestyles that are far from conducive to perfect, pain- free health.  The best thing we can do for ourselves is to get down on the floor a few times a day, and stretch our muscles - all of them.  That may take 20-30 minutes, or more; however the result is that you will encourage fresh blood and oxygen to get circulating in and through your muscles and assist in reducing pain and stiffness.  Why is that important?  Would it surprise you to know that some of our pain is caused from a lack of oxygen and blood flow?

I have been doing yoga since 1978.  Thirty six years!  I am a firm believer in the power of movement as it shifted me when I was really at my low point- back in the day.  I welcome the privilege of guiding you on simple, relaxing stretches that will make a world of difference for you.  PLEASE ASK ME!  : )  I would be delighted to share!

And finally, for those of you who would rather indulge in one of our energizing and relaxing treatments - acupuncture, acupressure or massage - all which stimulate blood and lymphatic flow, we graciously welcome you.  Our licensed massage therapist, Fabio has been with us for about three months and many of you have enjoyed his treatments.  He will offer FREE demo massages in the next few weeks (when he is not booked).

We also wish to welcome Lori - our new office manager.  Please give her any suggestions which you feel would make your experience with us that much greater!  Your input helps us to better serve you and your loved ones.

Much Love,

Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff and the lovely Staff at the Center for Natural Healing: Rina, Val, Valerie, Lori, Donna, Robert and Stephen

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